5 Must have applications for your Mac!

There are some of the rumors regarding Mac and it’s no wrong to assume that Mac developers are not engaging in the same race as in the iOS App Store. The innovative idea that you almost need to spend a bundle to boost your Mac machine’s usefulness isn’t the case.

Powerful tools like Final Cut Pro or Photoshop certainly have the price and many of the greatest OS X apps will not cost you any more than the downloading time. It is not only the plain text editors; everything from the useful utilities to the handy archives available, both in and out of the Mac App Store. So here are top 5 Mac Apps that will put your wallet away.

essential mac apps

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1. VLC media player

Video formats are changing almost every day and no doubt you must have all sorts of the movie files that are littering your Mac’s drive. But if these new apps have not been encoded in 64-bit or MPEG, then the latest new version of the QuickTime might not be able to play them. And here VLC media Player comes in. whether that is an Open-source and omnipotent, the media player will help you to stream and convert any video format you ask it to play. With a minimal interface, that strips away all the unnecessary controls and simply focuses on the content. It’s so helpful that you might almost forget that this App didn’t cost you anything.

2. Unarchiver

Zips and Rars are not that much prevalent as they were at the time when OS X was named after the big cats. The Unarchiver’s inconspicuous and immediate processing will surely help you to quickly get at the files that are hidden inside. With almost a dozen of supported formats and simple operating, the app will extract and expand all types of extensions, in any of the languages.

3. iBooks Author

Independent publishing of books has never been an easy and accessible task. Previously it was considered that this task requires months of training or an expensive suite of software. But now this is just a few clicks away and can now be accomplished with this free app. A variety of templates and tools are featured with an easy interface, iBooks Author provides you an opportunity to upload in no time. This superfluous app can help you build rich and interactive ebooks with diagrams, videos and other 3D objects with single clicks.

4. Alfred

A lot many users have been singing Alfred’s praises for many years, but some of the new users may not have heard about this mighty app launcher. The App is free to all but to the most of the professionals, Alfred will supercharge their productivity with its ultimate system of shortcuts and keystrokes. The App features: solving calculations, finding files, launching apps, and controlling your Mac device with swift precision.

5. Pocket

Pocket’s Mac app performs like your own personal DVR for the web. It’s not just limited to things that you read; it’s much more advanced. The Pocket Mac App is a versatile web clipper that will save any of your photos, videos or articles. All the files will be showed to you in a beautiful stripped-down view, and all this is without the ethical ad blocker.
Hurry up and get these Apps for your Mac device! Good-Luck!

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