Mac vs Windows : 6 Things you should know before purchasing you dream laptop!

Why do Mac devices cause affections to their users, when they could easily buy a good PC for less than half money? Here are suggested top 6 reasons why Macs are better than Windows. Let’s get into Mac vs. PC debate and find out.


Here it is easy to take a group of various personal computers that are manufactured by PC manufacturers on one side and on the other side the systems, built by Apple. The war between Mac and Windows has been ranging from decades. We can look at the best possible arguments on both sides, to grab a clear picture of why one is better over the other.

  1. Mac Hardware Costs Too Much

There is an all time running debate about the costing of Mac devices are too high, while the others suggest that it is completely justified for what you get; higher quality hardware, and the benefits of the Apple ecosystem.

If you desire for a cheaper Mac that is made by Apple, you can only get a computer, which you can’t much upgrade and most probably won’t be able to play games.

  1. Windows Has More Software

Windows has the innumerable software. The Windows Store has more than 50,000 apps, whereas the Mac App Store had less than 14,000. Mac users claim quality-over-quantity, but that can be said as a matter of personal opinion, depending on person to person. The software you love matters the most when you need to select a platform. Windows comparatively offer more options, when the point comes to bigger apps: video players, music players, and IM clients. Although both Windows and OS X do have their standout apps that aren’t available on the other, so the choice is up to you.

  1. Windows Offers Greater Flexibility

Macs offer almost the same flexibility as Windows PC. If we think from a hardware standpoint, most of the Windows PCs allow you to upgrade, whereas Macs users do not have this option. Windows is the mainstay of Personal computers and 98% of us use PCs from our childhood age.

Windows is flexible in running everything whether that is the latest games or ancient DOS Payroll software for the corporations. You also have the opportunities to build your own from the scratch with thousands of different parts.

  1. Macs Have Fewer Viruses and have Less Maintenance issues

Apple doesn’t have the reputation when it comes to handling the security issues. With Windows, you need to stay on top of the driver updates, Anti-Virus software, security patches but Windows is still easily bogged down with bloatware, clutter, and memory munchers.

Even though in Windows one requires a bit of extra maintenance, and it is not that every PC features bloatware.

  1. Both the Platforms Work Well for Designers

In the earlier century, Macs had a legitimate reputation for the first choice for designers as the selection of design apps was far superior to Windows PCs. Both Windows and OS X feature great design apps. And nowadays, a large number of people prefer designing on Windows breaking down the stereotype.

And the choice of option is back to the users!

  1. Windows Offers a Better Gaming Experience

Apple hardware offers a unique selection of graphics cards but it is also true in some cases that you’ll find less gaming options, tools to fine-tune performance, hardware, and when using a Mac device. And there are possibilities that the same game will run better on Windows PCs.

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