Everything you should know about ios 10

Apple introduced a new iOS with its every new flagship smartphone and now as to continue the trend Apple has launched iOS 10 which is available for public use since September 2016.It has some exciting features and major updates for the Siri, messages, variety of apps , services, Apple music, Apple pay, news, Maps, photos , control center etc.



Exciting new Features with iOS 10

It includes 3D touch enabled notification in the new iOS which offers more information on the redesigned lock screen this time.it has a new widget screen with the easily accessible camera of the smartphone. Control center is also redesigned with the 3D touch support and a new feature which wakes up the screen with the notifications there is no need to bypass the notifications. Siri sdk is now able to do more with the new iOS 10; siri can now send a message on watsapp or can book a cab in your smartphone.

iOS 10 is compatible with iPhone 5 or later and similarly for the Tablet iPad mini 2 and later ,next it supports the iPad 4 and later and the 6th generation iPod touch

Apple’s iOS current version is 10.0.2 introduced on 23 September with some minor changes or updates you can say, it has fixes some issues in the iOS 10


You can experience even more with the new iOS 10 it has a totally new lock screen with the removal of earlier “Slide to unlock” feature, including a new side widget panel ,newly designed control center and more. New lock screen is brighter this time as the incoming notifications will not dim the wallpaper and it is with the new crisp look is amazing to use.

The new iPhone 6 and 6 plus has the feature of super-fast touch ID with which many users bypasses the lock screen and so their notifications were also lost with that before they (the users) actually see them so th.is time with the new iOS Apple has made some changes in the iOS to prevent it from happening.


The home screen is quite similar but it has some expanded 3D touch features this time with iOS 10. When you touch any app through 3D touch which has a related widget with it then the widget will pop up at the right with some other quick action options.

Siri Features

Apple has now introduced Siri kit SDK with the new iOS 10 which has the ability to introduce the Siri with the third party apps. So with this functionality Siri can now do more from before. Like Siri can now book a cab for you with the command “Siri get me a car for airport through uber” or “Siri call dad with Skype”. Siri can now do six different more task this time with messaging , ride booking, search photos and videos, calls , make payment requests , and workouts.

Removable Stock Apps

Now with the new Apple’s iOS 10 it is possible to delete the pre-installed apps that come with every Apple iPhone. Some apps in the smartphone are of no use and users want them to get deleted from the smartphone but earlier it was not possible. Many of the build in apps that comes with iPhone are now moved to Apple store for standalone download, install and uninstall as per the users wish.

There are many more changes with the new iOS 10 in the photos, messages , music etc

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