Several reasons why mac is preferable over windows!

Mac or windows? Which one is better and why? These questions arise in the mind whenever we are buying or planning to buy a laptop. Which should be our choice? We have differentiated the two with every possible aspect and let you know why mac is better than windows laptop. Windows has a simple, easy to use interface and people think that it is difficult to work with Mac as compared to windows. Mac is criticized for being the expensive laptop around the globe but it has some amazing features that will support you throughout and obviously is a reliable product.


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Mac is happy to serve you the best

Mac systems are more stable than that of the windows laptop, they are not bulletproof though but more reliable as compared to other laptop and that the only reason why people are happy with the mac and mac stays first in the customer surveys. Mac is also simple to use and reliable for the users although it is not a cheaper product in the market but it is a great value product that money can buy.

Requirement is free

Mac has some basic pre-loaded soft wares like Mac has software iLifesuite (pre-installed) through which you will be able to edit photographs, videos and you can also make music with that. You will also get the email client access and access to iWork online apps with the Mac laptop while with the windows Laptop you will get nothing, many people think that Microsoft office is a part of windows but they are wrong. It isn’t most of the software that may come with the windows laptop are of no use for the customers   .

Security is the main concern

As per the Security is concerned, Mac users are more protected than that of the windows Laptop users. If some cyber criminals have decided to attack Mac users than they are more secure as compared to windows users. Mac users without any security software are more secure than windows as Mac users have less risk of being infected by any spyware or virus as compared to windows laptop users.

Software and hardware are good

Mac is expensive as compared to windows Laptop users but it is because of the fact that Apple uses only top quality products due to which Mac always is a preferable choice over other laptops of the same category having a similar price range. Apple is concerned to optimize the hardware and software to get the most from the machine and finally because of the top materials or products that have used you will get a finished product which has great looks, design, which feels and runs great.

Trackpad of the Laptop     

Windows 8 has a design which supports the touchscreen interface but Apple has a MAC OS which is dedicated to mouse and keyboard input. Mac has a fast and friendly navigation speed through the simple and easy to use gestures. The trackpad itself is a boon in the MAC laptop which is the best available around us and hence makes a difference on a daily routine.

With the above-mentioned points, we have tried best to differentiate the two Operating systems and tell you why you should prefer Mac over Windows.

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