10 good reasons to buy an iwatch!

It’s exciting to wear a technology on your wrist and control the functions through the watch remotely. Apple’s iwatch will make your living simple by its features and support technology and it will allow you to move hands-free.


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Though there might exist variety of reasons for you to buy the apple watch but we are pretty sure you will not like to miss out the apple earpods which are expected to come soon as per the january 2016 calendar.

New era of wearable technology

It’s a trend nowadays to wear technology and move around hand free. Google glass is now opened up for the beta testers. Wearable technology allows you to go out without worrying of carrying a smartphone in hand you can easily see your notifications on your Apple watch with this wearable technology.

Phone time is now reduced

With the wearable technology, you can actually reduce the time you mostly spend in front of system, PC, tablet or smartphone. It shortens the usage time of these with the daily consumption while reading emails, news, books and websites etc. it is not required every time to take out your iPhone to read messages, calls or alerts. It is better to wear the Apple watch than that of a simple watch which only tells you the time.

Fashion Statement

We have never heard that the Watches are out of fashion, it always includes itself in the fashion. With every changing fashion trend the size shape and look of the watches changes but it never goes out of the fashion.so in addition to that why not have something at your wrist with which you can do more not just the time telling machine. Apple watch could be a style statement for you.

Innovative device

Apple always wants to make some innovative. With the apple watch, it is again in the limelight with the innovative technology like earlier it has iPad, iPod which is slim and lighter in weight. With Apple watch, Apple’s focus is back to that disruptive technology.

Better Siri

Siri with the Apple watch is now a real technology.it is somehow awkward for people to talk to Siri in public with the smartphone. Now with the Apple watch, it has a simple interface with the easier and smooth support.

Safer to have

Apple watch is an easier target. You would not forget your Apple watch under the sofa. You will not forget your watch at the office in a drawer. You don’t have to worry about your Apple watch till you have it on your wrist.

Comfortable to have

Every technology has some issues with it while Google glass is itself amazing in the technology field. Gadgets like smartphone or tablet or don’t like to walk with on the road but still you do because they are necessary and useful for you. Same is with the wearable technology, many people do not like to have watch, but still because it is required.

Fitness and health tracking

With the Apple watch, you can have more than the time displaying machine like it is a health tracker for you, you can track your steps, running, exercises, sleeping etc. with the new Apple watch. You can have the data regarding the calories burned during the exercises and the healthy food habits.

Apps support

With the Apple watch, you will be able to download the third party apps with the Apple’s own Activity, maps, calendar, passbook, and music, alarm, stocks, weather, setting and photos apps. You will be able to download Instagram, twitter, wechat, Uber, open table, Shazam, Nike+ running etc.

Remote control

Apple watch will work as a remote control for another device. You can navigate through the menu in your apple iPhone, you can even enable flight mode and do not disturb mode on your phone etc. through your wrist watch.


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