5 Ways In Which Voice Search Is Disrupting SEO

The last few years have belonged to the voice technology and the future will see it getting even bigger. The growing number of voice searches and the incredible popularity of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are enough to prove the increasing popularity of this tech trend. In fact, this technology is all set to transform the digital landscape and businesses have no option that to be prepared for embracing it. For businesses, the biggest impact will be on their online marketing strategies, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because they will have to make themselves searchable with voice commands. Let us understand all that they would need to do on this front.

How voice search is altering the digital scenario?

Before going further to understand the strategies to become voice-optimized, you need to comprehend the immense benefits of voice-based searches first. From the user’s perspective, it serves them a range of benefits that improves their experiences manifold. These include the following:

  • Since this is a hand-free search method, it enables the users to multi-task.
  • Searching via voice is faster and more convenient as compared to typing.
  • It serves accurate and reliable answers and information instantly and effortlessly.
  • Besides smart searching, the technology can automate tasks and make life easier.

From the seller’s perspective, it enables you to deliver better experiences to your customers so that you can boost sales as well as build brand loyalty. Moreover, it is beneficial to be where your potential customers are and this is where a majority of them are today. Needless to say, making your business voice-ready is essential if you want to sustain and grow in the current scenario. Now the next question is what you need to do for getting ready. The answer is simple, you need to make voice search optimization a part of your SEO strategy.

How voice searches will disrupt SEO strategies for businesses?

Getting your business optimized for voice strategies means that you will need to do a lot of work on your SEO strategies. In fact, you may have to restructure them considerably to ensure that your business is able to reach the top of the voice search results and be there when the customer searches firms offering the product or services that you offer. Here are some disruptive changes that you need to make in your SEO strategy.

  1. Get ready for semantic searches

Google not only considers keywords as the search criteria but also considers factors such as search history and patterns to deliver search results for specific users. Semantic search becomes all the more important with voice search because it is contextual rather than keyword-based. The best seo agency in Vancouver suggests that you should focus on long-tailed keywords to ensure that they match the conversational search queries that the user enters via voice. The idea is to optimize your brand’s content with a range of contextual long-tailed keywords rather than stick to the conventional ones.

  1. Optimize your content

Though it has already been said that the content needs to have some contextual keywords, there is something more that you need to do to be voice-compatible. Get the content optimized for your customers rather than for search engines. Be receptive to their needs and desires and write for answering their queries. It is a good idea to have an FAQ page while you can also leverage in-depth posts to make your site’s content voice-optimized. Keep the content simple and conversational because users will not speak marketing jargon on their queries. The more in-depth it is, the higher are your chances of figuring in the top search results when the user searches through voice queries.

  1. Pay attention to responsiveness

Since voice searches are made via mobile devices, you need to give extra attention to be mobile responsive. Even when you are working on SEO, you have no chances of making it to the top unless your website is mobile optimized and this becomes all the important for voice optimization. Ensure that the website loads at high speed because a slow-loading site drives away users on any device, desktop, mobile, or tablet. Additionally, work on mobile experiences as well because every element of the site needs to be responsive to render a seamless mobile experience.

  1. Strengthen your local SEO

Experts say that a majority of voice searches are made for local businesses with search keywords such as “nearby” and “near me” included in the queries. Therefore, it becomes essential to strengthen your local SEO. Have an optimized Google business listing with complete parameters such as photos, positive reviews and owner responses to get a place amongst the top searches. Being there on the review sites is equally helpful for making your business voice-friendly. Encourage positive reviews to secure a higher ranking as well as build credibility for your brand.

  1. Invest in Google Action and Alexa Skills

Another innovative way to rank high on voice searches is to invest in Google Actions and Alexa Skills as these make you more accessible for the corresponding voice assistants. These are software components that expand the ability of the voice assistants to interact with your brand’s content and make you visible to the customers searching for products or services similar to the ones you sell. They facilitate back-and-forth conversation between the user and your content, giving you better chances of getting connected with the customer searching via voice. These software elements do require you to make an investment but they can serve as long-term business assets.

Undoubtedly, voice technology is the future of digital marketing and it would be hard to survive unless you are ready with the right strategy. This is the right time to get your SEO tactics prepped up so that you are there when the user searches you by speaking rather than typing. Not being there means that you will get behind your competitors and ultimately lose the race. Discuss the same with your SEO agency and start working on your strategy so that you are there before the others are.

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