8 Effective Ways of Organically Increasing Business Leads Online

Every business small or large needs an online presence these days in order to be visible to the universe of customers. Whether it is a B2B or B2C model that defines the structure of your business, generating traffic is only half work done.

Focussing on traffic generation alone for your website is not enough. If you do not provide compelling offers, fruitful calls-to-action, and convincing leads generating campaigns, then the purpose of taking your business online gets defeated.

Website conversions are paramount for any e-business and qualified leads to help in quicker conversions. Here are ten key ways of increasing business leads online.

  1. Get A Simple But Effective Website Designed

You can establish your web presence with a dynamic website that has persuasive elements to make the visitors contact you or show interest in your business. A self-explanatory structure and flow are absolutely imperative so that bounce rates are lesser on your website and customers can easily get in touch.


Good load and processing speeds are very essential to prevent customers from changing their mind and looking for alternatives. The design of your website should represent simplicity and ease-of-use. Companies like feldman+weber provide expert advice and services in developing result-oriented websites that aid revenue growth and business awareness building.


  1. Relevant Landing Page Content

Sometimes e-businesses use marketing mechanisms like social media links, reference links, or optimization techniques like backlinks to promote their online presence. The content of the landing page often does not correspond to what the hyperlink suggests.


This can be very confusing to the users. It is necessary to be clear about what your business is offering and not beat around the bush with witty lines. If the hyperlink states “Learn More About Our Business” and the landing page talks about the history of the business, it can be a little mind-boggling to the readers.


  1. The Positioning Of Calls-To-Action Elements

Calls-to-Action buttons or links are as important as the marketing effort itself. The on-point positioning of these elements will help improve leads. The heat map analysis states that putting the CTA elements within the viewable zone called ‘Fold’ increases the chances of users noticing it and taking action.


If the CTA element is placed outside this area on the web page, it could miss the attention of readers. The CTA element must have tempting text and precise information on its intent and must do just that. For example, a “Download the Ebook” button must do as it suggests and not take the user to the wrong landing page. CTAs must not be uniform but unique for each offer that your business provides.


  1. Use Images To Accelerate Interest

While designing your business website, a good mix of relevant images and texts helps in gaining more attention. You can also label the images while placing them on your website and use those texts for Search Engine Optimization.


This way your website ranking could also go up on the results page. You could inform customers about various offers that your business provides with appealing images since you cannot convey the message with text alone. Images can be used innovatively to express ideas as well.


  1. Include Blog Posts

Blog posts provide a vantage point to your business. The information that you did not include on your website content can be portrayed through well-written blog posts. More readers will indulge in information-rich blogs and share the posts as well on their social media accounts. The biggest benefit of blog posts is that you can optimize the content for better website ranking on search engines by including keywords and using link-building.


Adding CTAs to the blog post is a good indirect marketing technique as well. You could also invite guest bloggers to contribute to your business blogging page. This way reader engagement on your website will be more which can ultimately pave the way for better leads generation.


  1. Strategize Forms And Live Chats

            A basic form on your contact us page or your homepage can boost your customer            engagement with your business. A relevant and focused form title or preface adds a             lot of value to customer engagement. A tempting offer for filling up the form like a new user discount or free gift won’t hurt.


A good strategy for using forms includes asking the users for only business-relevant information. The Live Chat feature on your business website can help you and your potential customers gain perspective about each other. You can easily understand their requirements, answer any questions that they may have, and use persuasive techniques to capture their interest in your business.


  1. Comment On Other Blogs

Organic ways of search optimization are always preferred over paid methods. This is because they save up unnecessary costs and also give customers an impression that your business is reliable because other people are promoting it naturally. Commenting on blogs posts from other business websites is a great way of capturing the attention of potential customers.


This way the website that is promoting the blog offers you a vehicle to promote your own business on their page. The search engine ranking of their website helps you gain the spotlight since many followers of their website will start noticing your comment and may start following you as well.


  1. Answer Questions Posted On Q&A Forums

Quora can be a great forum for generating leads. Millions of questions are posted on the forum by different users. Answering questions that are relevant to your business and providing links to your business webpage can be very effective in creating an impression and creating a positive attitude.


Researches have proved that 60% to 70% high-quality traffic to a website can be generated using Quora. Many customers resort to Quora seeking answers to many important questions that they have, try to impress them!



These natural strategies of business lead generation can save money which can be used for other marketing opportunities. A well-devised strategy must be practical and result-oriented.

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