Android Apps To Look Out For In 2018

Android has shown some remarkable success over its tenure of ten years since its inception. And there’s a continuous endeavour to head better and better, as you check the Google Play Store packed with a proliferation of application which caters your every need and desire at a single click.

The only problem is what to choose among the lot despite the help of Editor’s choice, Best Selling, Top Free, Top Paid and etc.

But now you can strain out the good from the many. Google offers a recent feature where it recommends apps based on your previous downloads. Yes, the user reviews and ratings are always there to help your choice.

Here is the list of top apps for Android 2018:

  •         Sleep:

There are several sorts of apps and gadgets that assist in monitoring your sleep, but very few of them give the much-needed feedback on how to actually sleep sound and better. It is what Shleep is all about!

At the start of the app, it asks some questions to gauge the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting. On the basis of it, the app will guide you towards better sleep through some videos and articles on the things to be done or to be avoided before hitting the bed.

  •         Letterboxd:

It is a social network for movie buffs. The app focuses on tracking what you would love to watch, have seen and finding movies you didn’t even know about. You can create a themed list to ensure watching your favorite genre.

  •         LightX Photo Editor:

If you’re looking for a complete photo editor for Android then LightX Photo Editor is a top choice. From merging photos, adding effects, putting filters, applying colors, sharpening images to cropping or adding texts, it offers you all.

  •         Record Bird:

It’s an app which provides you a feed of news related to your favorite band as well as separate feeds marking the new music releases. It makes sure that you never miss any update on your favorite music.

  •         Grammarly Keyboard:

It is a very good choice for aspiring writers. It doesn’t only helps in auto-correcting typos, but checks your grammar, punctuation, mistakes and corrects them too.

  •         Life Hacks:

As the name suggests, the app is all about resolving your common day-to-day hacks. Whether you want to speed up your mobile charging, save some cash, improving exam performance, diet concerns, parenting, technology or anything related, download this app today!

  •         Hitlist:

      It is surely for a travel junkie since it offers flight comparison through millions of flight prices to crack the best deals. Apart from it, the app inspires you with the categories such as ‘weekend getaways’, ‘astonishing islands’ as well as global events or carnivals.

  •         Send Anywhere:

It’s can be a time savior app since it helps you to quickly transfer photos, audios, videos, contacts, files, documents as well as apps from one device to another.  

So, what are you waiting for guys? Download these apps, work smart and achieve your life goals.


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