How can you develop Fitness app using HealthKit and Google Fit

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards their health and fitness concerns. The number of health apps is downloaded every day from the concerned app stores. Google and Apple come into conflict once again with their two most popular health apps -HealthKit and Google Fit to the center stage of the competition.

HealthKit was introduced by Apple at the launch of iOS 8, whereas, Google Fit was unveiled about four years ago in 2014. Both the apps are prepared to serve their users with advanced and highly tech-friendly platforms. But still, it distinguishes from one another.

Google Fit and health app primarily make use of the smartphone’s sensors to observe several activities such as running, jogging, walking, swimming and cycling. It is more than a health tracking device that helps the users to keep a check on their fitness goals such calorie count, weight etc.

You can check the results of days, weeks or month. It can be downloaded from a Google Play Store for free, and in case, you have an Android Smartwatch, it is already installed there.

Apple HealthKit was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 and unconfined with the initiation of iOS 8. It is yet another healthcare platform which collects and records from several other health apps so that it becomes easily accessible to the end customers.

It is developed in the way that it forms a connection between two health apps (for example – monitoring heart rate and tracking diabetes) to work in sync together and sends the formed data for an optimal care of the patient.

This data can be directed to the doctors via another app so that they can see the progress of health.

So, here lies the major difference between the two apps. Google Fit is more into tracking the health activities. While, HealthKit focuses on screening the medical parameters comprising blood pressure level, heart-related activities etc.

Now let’s understand how to develop fitness App based on these two crucial healthcare platforms.

  •         App Designing:

When we take a glance at the designing of Google Fit, it is the simple and user-friendly design that attracts the attention. On the other hand, the HealthKit app is more complex when compared to other health apps. But yes, the users here can monitor the available data with more ease and simplicity.

  •         Esteemed Clients:

To speak about Google Fit, it boasts to have some prestigious on the board as partners like HTC, Adidas etc. and it is on the constant search for the new ones.

HealthKit is having Fitbit and Nike as its esteemed clients. Recently, it has tied up with Mayo Clinic.

  •         Security Feature:

For better security and privacy feature, HealthKit is a better choice to go with. An iOS has always pioneered Google in security concerns.

  •         Kind of Data:

When we talk about Google Fit, it offers useful data on various fitness concerns such as body measurement including weight and height, calorie reduction, distance covered, heartbeat, workout time etc.

While HealthKit provides data on the heart rate, burnt calorie amount, the number of steps covered and sleep pattern.

On the whole, both the apps track the fitness activities and keep a tap on the heart rate. It’s completely up to you, which healthcare platform you wish to choose personally.

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Do you know the Google tricks for better Movie Search?

Google has unveiled an exclusive feature that will assist you better plan your night at the flicks. The company has displayed the movie show times within the search results following the final closure of its (only) movie site in 2016. The new update will help you to cut down your choices more effectively, thanks to the drop-down filters.

Google tricks for better movie searching. You can use the drop-down to filter the movies available near to you by several factors such as screen type, genre, critic scores, reviews, viewer ratings, language and many more. Selecting each type, you can perform a specific search to match your interests.

Once you apply the filter, it will display all the possible and matching combination that meets your criteria. When you’re ready to step out, you can click on the flick to avail the showtimes and from where you’d love to buy the ticket using MovieTickets.Com, Fandango, or the movie theatres directly. You can also click on the theaters to check what’s playing at your preferred locations.

Also, you can sort a typical search for Family movies which are rated PG or G. Or else, you can go for an ‘R’ rated dramas with critics’ ratings of 75% or more.

The update is available to the Google Search App on Android across India and the U.S. In the browser, it is in the search and soon to be launched for iOS.

It helps the users to gauge more information of the new releases at any time of the day on a single click. You will get the categorized list of the movies based on different sorts of genres. All you need is to select the one as per your choice and click on the movie you’re intended to watch.

Apart from it, the feature acquaints you with a script note showcasing a nub of a plot line. It provides you with a core idea or concept on which the movie is actually based on. The feature has gained significant popularity from the time of its inception. The movie buffs are following it religiously.

If you’re among those who love movies, this Google feature is for you at your assistance. By far, it is one of the finest features that comprehend your movie search so well. So, grab it and make the most out of it!


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How to Stream Torrents Seamlessly

One of the major issues one faces when you are a habitual Torrent user is that downloads take a lot of time, your computer needs to be on, your hard disk space is jammed with data and the biggest pain point is that your system becomes slow. All these burning issues can be bypassed if you start storing your movies, television shows, videos and photographs in the cloud. Yes, in the modern internet age it is possible to stream torrents seamlessly and effortlessly to watch your favourite shows anytime, anywhere. Accessibility is seamless and fast.

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Top Twitter Metrics You Must Be Aware Of!

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform across the world. It is simple, user-friendly and an effective channel possessing visions from around 83% of the global leaders, 330 million users and (massive) 3 billion people signed up for Twitter.

The companies want to exploit the potential of Twitter for their own social advantages. The fast-paced emergence of this platform contributes majorly to any brand to construct a foundation for a robust online presence.

Hence, it becomes really important to track the correct twitter metrics that help you to create promising decisions in regard to next marketing campaigns. When you learn about your target audience, only then you can alter every interaction into a meaningful strategy for a progressive future.

Here are the top Twitter metrics one should know:

  •         Tweet Performance:

Start by looking at averages, when it’s about measuring Twitter metrics. Evaluating an average engagement rate, average re-tweet number and shares help smooth out the extending fluctuations in your performance. You need to keep a tap on your average performance, click on the Tweets page on your Twitter analytics dashboard.

  •         Target Audience:

Twitter metrics indicates the type of audience you’re captivating to your page and play an imperative role in successful future campaigns. Your audience breakthroughs engender you a generic overview of you must be targeting your messages toward. It ensures to produce right content for the right audience.

  •         Engagement:

A prompt glance at the engagement rate is enough to convey you whether your efforts are winning you or not. There are dozens of ways to engage your audience with your brand. For example, the channel will evaluate the engagement every time the user put your brand’s hashtag, click on a link, follows you, retweets, replies to your post and many more.

To check the count, Go to Twitter analytics > Tweets Dashboard > Engagement Rate

  •         Kind of Engagement:

A like on your post is appreciable, but a comment or retweets shows more commitment from your target audience. A retweet depicts that your customers value your input. You can advocate a drop-down of your engagement course while clicking on Twitter Analytics dashboard. View tweet activity on the Tweets tab for detailed activities.

  •         Content Marketing:

Marketing is all about conveying the right words, to the right audience and at the right time. While scrolling through your twitter follower stats and analytical information, you can conceive what exactly your post needs to be in the market’s good books. You can check the engagement rate for each post displayed as a percentage on Twitter Analytics page.   

  •         Follower Growth:

You can keep an eye on how quickly you’re spanning your follower base through Twitter analytics. It allows you to look at the performance on a daily or weekly basis.

  •         Impressions:

It demonstrates how many people see your account every day.  The low number of impressions could actually mean you are appealing to a very less audience.

  •         Hashtag:

Twitter’s most followed creation, the hashtag (#). Today, it has become the lifeline of social media campaigns. You need to create more effective and used hashtags to generate more traffic on your post.

     There is no one thing to make the perfect campaign when we talk about (particularly) social media marketing. Keeping a tap on your Twitter metrics will surely give you the essential resources to measure the overall success of your brand.


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Top Errors to Avoid In Website Design

If you’re planning to build your website, you must be aware of its significance since it is a reflection of your business or profession. Keeping its vitality in mind, you must adopt the finest practices in web design. The internet market is already flooded with websites and stand apart your website is a task not be taken lightly.

There‘s no website developer who guarantees you to achieve excellent results. And the stark reality is that a few wrong choices can actually cause errors which will hinder your progress.    

Here is the list of the things to avoid while web designing. Web design is now more a guitar meaning that all you need to strike the right chord (for a soulful music as) to accomplish your business goals.

Error 1: Pointless Navigation

Navigation is an important part of any website. It must be simple, predictable and reliable.  No matter who is your target audience, once they land on your site, they should get around their search promptly and easily without any stress. All in all, your website must be organized with clear and well-defined paths. Don’t make them dig their interests; otherwise, it may drive them away from the website.  

Error 2: Dazzling Colours:

Don’t create your web page look as a piece of a jigsaw which people can’t decode. Make your website visitors feel good about you and your business. Don’t irk them with a lot of popping colors all around. Following the rule of thumb is to use three basic colors and one or two for the background colors for an effective website appeal.

Make possible color layouts which you think can best represent your concept behind your brand.

Error 3: Poor Readability

To fight out today’s fierce competition; your website must possess essential qualities. And one such attribute is acquainting your visitors with good readability. A big chunk of content will not work to your benefit. Remember, the visitors will first scan your text and then decide whether it’s worthy or not.  Therefore, don’t go high with fonts; keep its simple, aligned and restricted paragraphs.

Error 4: Domain Name

Domain name is your company name and it must be easy to catch. Since it helps in generating a positive reaction, it must be a keyword-rich domain name. Make it memorable and short as possible. Don’t use buzzwords; let it be unique and simple.

Error 5: Mussy Homepage

Website mess distracts the visitors from tapping the information they’re searching for. Don’t waste your visitors’ time and evade using several fonts, a hell lot of images, a wall of content, and ignore the requirement for having negative spaces.

Error 6: No Call-to-Action

No matter what business you deal in, there must be some sort of call-to-action. The concept of CTA is to get people back to your website. It doesn’t only populates the traffic instead it gives your users the understanding where and what to do next.

In addition to above, the contact information should also be present at an easy reach for your visitors to get in touch with you. So, avoid these common mistakes while designing your website to reap ultimate results.

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Everything You Need To Know About Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is one of the finest and affordable HD streaming devices across the world despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Amazon and Roku.  

Being one of the leading streaming sticks, Chromecast offers a number of benefits such a wider adoption, number of partnerships with companies like LG and VIZIO which have installed Chromecast functionality into their televisions.

The important feature that makes it potential and popular choice is its ability to ‘cast’ smooth content i.e send a link from a mobile device, loads it through Chromecast and displays it on your TV.

Surely, you can use it for really simple things like sending a YouTube Video to the big screen and enjoy watching with your friends and family. The system is capable of performing much more.

Here are few Chromecast tips and tricks to make the most use out of this extremely adaptable streaming puck.

  •         No Need For TV Remote:

Chromecast doesn’t require a remote as it’s receiving links from your mobile device, PC or tablet and displaying the desired content on the screen directly. When it gets the link, it will automatically turn on your TV and shift the input to the Chromecast.

  •         Winning Combination:

Google home and Chromecast is the fittest combo offering some major advantages. It allows you to cast the videos to your TV sets using only your voice. All you need is to speak what kind of content you’d love to watch.

  •         Watch YouTube with Google Home:

If you’re too lazy to take your phone out, we have the right solution to deal it. As you’ve already paired your Chromecast to the Google home, you can simply ask it to display all videos of a certain genre on YouTube. Use the home app to track the specific series or flick.

  •         Enjoy Family Slides:

If you love sharing your pictures, invite your family and friends over to watch out your latest stack of photos using the Chromecast. In earlier days, you need a projector to display those abundant of photos, but nowadays Chromecast, smartphone, and Google Home have made it more easy and convenient.

  •         Weather Forecast:

You can check the weather forecast on the device by saying, ‘Google, show me the weather on.’ Please note in order to ask the right command properly, be ensured that you speak the name of the Chromecast device you’d like to display the weather predictions.

  •         Baby Monitor:

Instead of arranging and shelling out huge for a complex/sturdy baby monitoring system, you can buy Nest Indoor Cam. It works impeccably when connected to Google Home and Chromecast. Moreover, it turns out to be an affordable choice.

  •         Ground-breaking Presentation:

It has great business application too with its amazing functionality of screen mirroring. Though most of the people use it for entertainment purposes, it works best with Google slides and helps in creating a million-dollar presentation.

In short, Chromecast offers a multipurpose use. It is an access to virtual reality when combined to Google Daydream. It paves way to next level gaming technology.

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Why should you Invest in Chamberlain Driveway Alert – Wireless

Have you been having sleepless nights lately? If your age-old alarm system is failing to detect movements in your driveway, then it is time to invest in high-quality wireless motion alert tools and systems to make your premises safer than before. These days, property owners like you are installing safety alarm systems like Chamberlain Driveway Alert – Wireless to sense the smallest of movements in their garages, sheds, driveways, front yards, back entrances, or just about any other place that needs notification or protection.

The best driveway alarm systems, especially the ones that are wireless, can be fitfully tailored to perfection for meeting the perimeter protection situation and security needs of all kinds of residential and commercial properties. While wireless sensors are more common, there are standard hardwired sensors that can be hard wired for best results; they are best suited for basements of houses.

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What are the Advantages of Mobile App Redesigning?

One of the fastest growing business sectors is undoubtedly the mobile application development industry. It keeps on reforming and rolling out at several intervals. Hence, you cannot count upon the handy features, peculiar promotional methods, and unique app specification to engender more traffic and enhance the conversion rate. You should focus equally on the mobile app redesigning alongside.

The mobile app redesigning is an ever-evolving process. The trend is which hot today may become obsolete tomorrow or in next few days. So, the app designers need to upkeep their knowledge besides being extremely creative. And if you wish to win the battle on the one go, then it’s app designing which can fetch you the lead.

Here are the ways for enhancing conversion rate with mobile app redesigning:

  •         Plan The Redesigning:

The word re-designing is often used in a large perspective. It not restricted to the mobile app development but regarded as a common activity in the fashion industry. As most of the designers follow the method of revamping the outfits and accessories!

Similarly, the app designers adopt the same pattern and redesign the app after a certain interval of time. The redesigning practice is to be carried out continuously with every updating process in the app for its regular maintenance.

  •         Causes of Redesigning:

After drafting a strategy to redesign the app, you should explore the reasons why the app needs to get the new design.

ü  It is when the competitor has gone through the redesigning app process. Since you need to emerge from the stiff competition, you should also opt for redesigning the app.

ü  It is when you have launched new products or services, you need a new makeover. Hence, redesigning is a must!

ü  To restrict the declining rates or bad reviews, it’s essential to move ahead and come up with some new and innovative ideas or designs.

ü  When you plan to add new customer base, you need to re-design your app as per the requirements and demands of the fresh customers.

  •         How To Redesign the App:

Here are some crucial tips on how to create a unique design that instantly attracts your attention. For the redesigning process, you are not required to employ any extraordinary tactic instead go simple.

ü  Simple and sophisticated are two words to follow when you’re redesigning your app. It means you need to apply your creativity and come up with an exceptional idea but a simple one. It must be powerful to entice the customer’s attention. It should be done as per the taste and preferences of the target audience.

ü  Customization:

Personalization or customization is the element which is trending high on scale nowadays. It is playing as a popular tool through which you can enhance the engagement of the customers.

ü  Usability And Social Integration:

You need to monitor the latest usability factor before executing the redesigning process. It means keeping an eye on the all-new trends of the present times.

Another important factor to look upon is the social integration. It is another useful tool that helps in smooth sharing of the content of the app.

For a lucrative business prospects, app redesigning is a vital process and must be followed without further delay!

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.Android Apps To Look Out For In 2018

Android has shown some remarkable success over its tenure of ten years since its inception. And there’s a continuous endeavour to head better and better, as you check the Google Play Store packed with a proliferation of application which caters your every need and desire at a single click.

The only problem is what to choose among the lot despite the help of Editor’s choice, Best Selling, Top Free, Top Paid and etc.

But now you can strain out the good from the many. Google offers a recent feature where it recommends apps based on your previous downloads. Yes, the user reviews and ratings are always there to help your choice.

Here is the list of top apps for Android 2018:

  •         Sleep:

There are several sorts of apps and gadgets that assist in monitoring your sleep, but very few of them give the much-needed feedback on how to actually sleep sound and better. It is what Shleep is all about!

At the start of the app, it asks some questions to gauge the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting. On the basis of it, the app will guide you towards better sleep through some videos and articles on the things to be done or to be avoided before hitting the bed.

  •         Letterboxd:

It is a social network for movie buffs. The app focuses on tracking what you would love to watch, have seen and finding movies you didn’t even know about. You can create a themed list to ensure watching your favorite genre.

  •         LightX Photo Editor:

If you’re looking for a complete photo editor for Android then LightX Photo Editor is a top choice. From merging photos, adding effects, putting filters, applying colors, sharpening images to cropping or adding texts, it offers you all.

  •         Record Bird:

It’s an app which provides you a feed of news related to your favorite band as well as separate feeds marking the new music releases. It makes sure that you never miss any update on your favorite music.

  •         Grammarly Keyboard:

It is a very good choice for aspiring writers. It doesn’t only helps in auto-correcting typos, but checks your grammar, punctuation, mistakes and corrects them too.

  •         Life Hacks:

As the name suggests, the app is all about resolving your common day-to-day hacks. Whether you want to speed up your mobile charging, save some cash, improving exam performance, diet concerns, parenting, technology or anything related, download this app today!

  •         Hitlist:

      It is surely for a travel junkie since it offers flight comparison through millions of flight prices to crack the best deals. Apart from it, the app inspires you with the categories such as ‘weekend getaways’, ‘astonishing islands’ as well as global events or carnivals.

  •         Send Anywhere:

It’s can be a time savior app since it helps you to quickly transfer photos, audios, videos, contacts, files, documents as well as apps from one device to another.  

So, what are you waiting for guys? Download these apps, work smart and achieve your life goals.


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Insights into New And Latest Retail Technology

The novel yet exciting technology is capable enough to bring a massive reform in the industry out there, comprising the prospective retail sector.

The retail is one field that is always on the cutting edge of technologies since it faces the cut-throat competition and has to fight really hard for the big bucks. Companies are in continuous process to spend money on retail technology in view to streamline the process.

Here is the next, exclusive and exciting technology you need to watch out for in the coming months and years. Though it is hard to predict when it will turn huge, yes it is here to sustain for long!

  •         Smart Beacons:

It can be a potent way to captivate the attention of customers around. For those who aren’t familiar, a smart beacon is a device that works with Bluetooth and sends an alert to a retail shopkeeper when a customer is near to him. It means the retailer can communicate with the customers directly and instantly.

To cite an example, they can send some discount codes or coupons to entice the customer’s attention. It can be adjudged as a valuable marketing tool in such a competitive environment.

  •         Virtual Reality:

While it is not a specific new technology, but our expert foresee it as a major step in the approaching years. There are few companies which have taken benefit of augmented reality, it offers abundant of opportunities. In particular, it is more helpful for online retailers as people wish to see a piece of article, they buy.

  •         Digital Signage:

The digital signage is an absolute key in retail, whether it offers large signs on the stores or small kiosks the store or mall. With the technology advancement, we should ditch those decade-old methods of signing. The digital signage is the promising way of the future.   

There are various kinds of digital signage software that can amend the scenario of retail. It can be inside or outside kiosks. While we watch it in some store or restaurants, we think it begins to take in the forthcoming years.

  •         Robotics:

The boom in robotic technology has surely taken the world by storm. Though it is not new and many supply chain already employ them in their factories and plants. In 2018, it is projected that retailers will use robotics in the front end of their stores at the billing counters or other delivery stations. Hence, the cashiers or shelf stockers could become disused.

Also, the robots could be placed in the different parts of the store to help the customers in locating the products more easily and conveniently. Although it won’t happen overnight, there is no doubt that robots could play an imaginable role in retail sector anytime soon.

So, these are the technologies that act as a catalyst to make the retail sector more enhanced and flourished past few years. You must employ these innovative methods to augment the sales and revenue of your business.

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