Why should you Invest in Chamberlain Driveway Alert – Wireless

Have you been having sleepless nights lately? If your age-old alarm system is failing to detect movements in your driveway, then it is time to invest in high-quality wireless motion alert tools and systems to make your premises safer than before. These days, property owners like you are installing safety alarm systems like Chamberlain Driveway Alert – Wireless to sense the smallest of movements in their garages, sheds, driveways, front yards, back entrances, or just about any other place that needs notification or protection.

The best driveway alarm systems, especially the ones that are wireless, can be fitfully tailored to perfection for meeting the perimeter protection situation and security needs of all kinds of residential and commercial properties. While wireless sensors are more common, there are standard hardwired sensors that can be hard wired for best results; they are best suited for basements of houses.

Here are some pertinent reasons why you should consider investments in wireless driveway alert systems without any further ado.

Always on high alert

You will never be caught on the back foot if you have a motion alert system installed in the periphery of your property to detect all kinds of motion – from those of humans and animals to automobiles and more. You will get an instant alert as soon as a pedestrian, trespasser or vehicle approaches your property. A well-configured outdoor motion detector can cover up to 600 feet of your premises and sets off an alarm in case of any authorized trespassing taking place.


No false alarms

Most weather-resistant motion sensors boast of adjustable sensitivity controls and smart detection features to keep the false alarms caused by small animals, insects, flies, etc. at bay. Your investment in products like Chamberlain driveway alert systems will be equipped to sense the movement of larger animals to keep your gardens and backyards as green as they are.


Smart features

With a wide range for motion detection, long battery life, and capability of being installed just about anywhere, these alarm systems are very helpful in enhancing the ways in which you can protect your property. The components of most driveway alarm security systems include a receiver and a motion sensor. In case you have multiple places that need monitoring, you may like to invest in unlimited sensors for each receiver. The receivers can then be programmed with varying sounds for differentiating between sensors.

Regardless of whether you have a functional home security system in place, or are looking at better ways of adding to your existing security systems, your purchase of wireless driveway alarm systems will improve your security system manifold, that too in the most affordable ways.

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