Do you know the Google tricks for better Movie Search?

Google has unveiled an exclusive feature that will assist you better plan your night at the flicks. The company has displayed the movie show times within the search engine results following the final closure of its (only) movie site in 2016. The new update will help you to cut down your choices more effectively, thanks to the drop-down filters.

Google tricks for better movie searching. You can use the drop-down to filter the movies available near to you by several factors such as screen type, genre, critic scores, reviews, viewer ratings, language and many more. Selecting each type, you can perform a specific search to match your interests.

Once you apply the filter, it will display all the possible and matching combination that meets your criteria. When you’re ready to step out, you can click on the flick to avail the showtimes and from where you’d love to buy the ticket using MovieTickets.Com, Fandango, or the movie theatres directly. You can also click on the theaters to check what’s playing at your preferred locations.

Also, you can sort a typical search for Family movies which are rated PG or G. Or else, you can go for an ‘R’ rated dramas with critics’ ratings of 75% or more.

The update is available to the Google Search App on Android across India and the U.S. In the browser, it is in the search and soon to be launched for iOS.

It helps the users to gauge more information of the new releases at any time of the day on a single click. You will get the categorized list of the movies based on different sorts of genres. All you need is to select the one as per your choice and click on the movie you’re intended to watch.

Apart from it, the feature acquaints you with a script note showcasing a nub of a plot line. It provides you with a core idea or concept on which the movie is actually based on. The feature has gained significant popularity from the time of its inception. The movie buffs are following it religiously.

If you’re among those who love movies, this Google feature is for you at your assistance. By far, it is one of the finest features that comprehend your movie search so well. So, grab it and make the most out of it!


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