Everything You Need To Know About Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is one of the finest and affordable HD streaming devices across the world despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Amazon and Roku.  

Being one of the leading streaming sticks, Chromecast offers a number of benefits such a wider adoption, number of partnerships with companies like LG and VIZIO which have installed Chromecast functionality into their televisions.

The important feature that makes it potential and popular choice is its ability to ‘cast’ smooth content i.e send a link from a mobile device, loads it through Chromecast and displays it on your TV.

Surely, you can use it for really simple things like sending a YouTube Video to the big screen and enjoy watching with your friends and family. The system is capable of performing much more.

Here are few Chromecast tips and tricks to make the most use out of this extremely adaptable streaming puck.

  •         No Need For TV Remote:

Chromecast doesn’t require a remote as it’s receiving links from your mobile device, PC or tablet and displaying the desired content on the screen directly. When it gets the link, it will automatically turn on your TV and shift the input to the Chromecast.

  •         Winning Combination:

Google home and Chromecast is the fittest combo offering some major advantages. It allows you to cast the videos to your TV sets using only your voice. All you need is to speak what kind of content you’d love to watch.

  •         Watch YouTube with Google Home:

If you’re too lazy to take your phone out, we have the right solution to deal it. As you’ve already paired your Chromecast to the Google home, you can simply ask it to display all videos of a certain genre on YouTube. Use the home app to track the specific series or flick.

  •         Enjoy Family Slides:

If you love sharing your pictures, invite your family and friends over to watch out your latest stack of photos using the Chromecast. In earlier days, you need a projector to display those abundant of photos, but nowadays Chromecast, smartphone, and Google Home have made it more easy and convenient.

  •         Weather Forecast:

You can check the weather forecast on the device by saying, ‘Google, show me the weather on.’ Please note in order to ask the right command properly, be ensured that you speak the name of the Chromecast device you’d like to display the weather predictions.

  •         Baby Monitor:

Instead of arranging and shelling out huge for a complex/sturdy baby monitoring system, you can buy Nest Indoor Cam. It works impeccably when connected to Google Home and Chromecast. Moreover, it turns out to be an affordable choice.

  •         Ground-breaking Presentation:

It has great business application too with its amazing functionality of screen mirroring. Though most of the people use it for entertainment purposes, it works best with Google slides and helps in creating a million-dollar presentation.

In short, Chromecast offers a multipurpose use. It is an access to virtual reality when combined to Google Daydream. It paves way to next level gaming technology.

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