How can you develop Fitness app using HealthKit and Google Fit

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards their health and fitness concerns. The number of health apps is downloaded every day from the concerned app stores. Google and Apple come into conflict once again with their two most popular health apps -HealthKit and Google Fit to the center stage of the competition.

HealthKit was introduced by Apple at the launch of iOS 8, whereas, Google Fit was unveiled about four years ago in 2014. Both the apps are prepared to serve their users with advanced and highly tech-friendly platforms. But still, it distinguishes from one another.

Google Fit and health app primarily make use of the smartphone’s sensors to observe several activities such as running, jogging, walking, swimming and cycling. It is more than a health tracking device that helps the users to keep a check on their fitness goals such calorie count, weight etc.

You can check the results of days, weeks or month. It can be downloaded from a Google Play Store for free, and in case, you have an Android Smartwatch, it is already installed there.

Apple HealthKit was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 and unconfined with the initiation of iOS 8. It is yet another healthcare platform which collects and records from several other health apps so that it becomes easily accessible to the end customers.

It is developed in the way that it forms a connection between two health apps (for example – monitoring heart rate and tracking diabetes) to work in sync together and sends the formed data for an optimal care of the patient.

This data can be directed to the doctors via another app so that they can see the progress of health.

So, here lies the major difference between the two apps. Google Fit is more into tracking the health activities. While, HealthKit focuses on screening the medical parameters comprising blood pressure level, heart-related activities etc.

Now let’s understand how to develop fitness App based on these two crucial healthcare platforms.

  •         App Designing:

When we take a glance at the designing of Google Fit, it is the simple and user-friendly design that attracts the attention. On the other hand, the HealthKit app is more complex when compared to other health apps. But yes, the users here can monitor the available data with more ease and simplicity.

  •         Esteemed Clients:

To speak about Google Fit, it boasts to have some prestigious on the board as partners like HTC, Adidas etc. and it is on the constant search for the new ones.

HealthKit is having Fitbit and Nike as its esteemed clients. Recently, it has tied up with Mayo Clinic.

  •         Security Feature:

For better security and privacy feature, HealthKit is a better choice to go with. An iOS has always pioneered Google in security concerns.

  •         Kind of Data:

When we talk about Google Fit, it offers useful data on various fitness concerns such as body measurement including weight and height, calorie reduction, distance covered, heartbeat, workout time etc.

While HealthKit provides data on the heart rate, burnt calorie amount, the number of steps covered and sleep pattern.

On the whole, both the apps track the fitness activities and keep a tap on the heart rate. It’s completely up to you, which healthcare platform you wish to choose personally.

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