Things You Should Know About Top Social Media Analytics Tools

Do you know about your top performing Tweets? Do you know the time when your posts need the peak engagement? Is your social media marketing strategy deciphering to leads and traffic? If you’re exploiting social media analytics tools, you’ll feel difficult to answer these questions.

These tools are used to measure the efforts of marketers. But since the social media marketing has outgrown in the recent times, the number of tools present to analyise has risen steeply.

With abundant of choices around, the point is how to choose the best tool for your brand. Here is the list of the top social media analytic tools that you must add to your stash.

  •         Sprout Social:

Every brand must have a defined and devoted social media organizer tool. The Sprout’s social media analytics helps you to assess performance on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, all under the single roof. Having all the analytics at one place makes it simpler to track and compare your efforts across several platforms and profiles.  

  •         Snaplytics:

Of all the mainstream social networks, Snapchat gives the least amount of data on performance. The cause is the platform itself as it is not as massive as Twitter, Facebook, and others. From viewing and leaving comments, there isn’t much data to be collected. But fortunately, there are tools where you can check in-depth Snapchat analytics, called as Snaplytics.

  •         Iconosquare:

It is specifically designed to cater Instagram. One of the outstanding features of the tool is in addition to offer analysis of your pictures and videos; it gives you visions into Instagram stories. With high-level plans and opportunities, you can also seek influencer analytics.

  •         Buzzsumo:

It is quite different from the league. Instead of analyzing your brand’s social media performance, it measures the content performance. For instance, if you wish to check how many people subscribe or share your latest blog post on Facebook and Twitter, it can avail you that data. It makes you understand what sounds the best for your target audience.

  •         TailWind:

While Snapchat and Instagram are the hottest and fore-runner players in the race of social media field, Pinterest is still very promising and emerging. And just like any other social network, you need to evaluate your performance. Tailwind is (undeniably) the most preferred Pinterest analytics tool. You can track trends in followers and analyze your audience at ease.

  •         ShortStack:

It is the leading social media contest app that also provides performance analytics. Such contests are the potential way to increase the number of followers or visitors. Through it, you’ll be able to check engagement metrics and identify the kinds of contests work best with the target audience.

Wrapping it up, there are myriad of social media analytics tools out there on the market. Our list is just the fraction of it. You can use it to well scrutinize or analyze the performance of your social media platform for a prospective growth.

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