Top Errors to Avoid In Website Design

If you’re planning to build your website, you must be aware of its significance since it is a reflection of your business or profession. Keeping its vitality in mind, you must adopt the finest practices in web design. The internet market is already flooded with websites and stand apart your website is a task not be taken lightly.

There‘s no website developer who guarantees you to achieve excellent results. And the stark reality is that a few wrong choices can actually cause errors which will hinder your progress.    

Here is the list of the things to avoid while web designing. Web design is now more a guitar meaning that all you need to strike the right chord (for a soulful music as) to accomplish your business goals.

Error 1: Pointless Navigation

Navigation is an important part of any website. It must be simple, predictable and reliable.  No matter who is your target audience, once they land on your site, they should get around their search promptly and easily without any stress. All in all, your website must be organized with clear and well-defined paths. Don’t make them dig their interests; otherwise, it may drive them away from the website.  

Error 2: Dazzling Colours:

Don’t create your web page look as a piece of a jigsaw which people can’t decode. Make your website visitors feel good about you and your business. Don’t irk them with a lot of popping colors all around. Following the rule of thumb is to use three basic colors and one or two for the background colors for an effective website appeal.

Make possible color layouts which you think can best represent your concept behind your brand.

Error 3: Poor Readability

To fight out today’s fierce competition; your website must possess essential qualities. And one such attribute is acquainting your visitors with good readability. A big chunk of content will not work to your benefit. Remember, the visitors will first scan your text and then decide whether it’s worthy or not.  Therefore, don’t go high with fonts; keep its simple, aligned and restricted paragraphs.

Error 4: Domain Name

Domain name is your company name and it must be easy to catch. Since it helps in generating a positive reaction, it must be a keyword-rich domain name. Make it memorable and short as possible. Don’t use buzzwords; let it be unique and simple.

Error 5: Mussy Homepage

Website mess distracts the visitors from tapping the information they’re searching for. Don’t waste your visitors’ time and evade using several fonts, a hell lot of images, a wall of content, and ignore the requirement for having negative spaces.

Error 6: No Call-to-Action

No matter what business you deal in, there must be some sort of call-to-action. The concept of CTA is to get people back to your website. It doesn’t only populates the traffic instead it gives your users the understanding where and what to do next.

In addition to above, the contact information should also be present at an easy reach for your visitors to get in touch with you. So, avoid these common mistakes while designing your website to reap ultimate results.

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