Top Twitter Metrics You Must Be Aware Of!

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform across the world. It is simple, user-friendly and an effective channel possessing visions from around 83% of the global leaders, 330 million users and (massive) 3 billion people signed up for Twitter.

The companies want to exploit the potential of Twitter for their own social advantages. The fast-paced emergence of this platform contributes majorly to any brand to construct a foundation for a robust online presence.

Hence, it becomes really important to track the correct twitter metrics that help you to create promising decisions in regard to next marketing campaigns. When you learn about your target audience, only then you can alter every interaction into a meaningful strategy for a progressive future.

Here are the top Twitter metrics one should know:

  •         Tweet Performance:

Start by looking at averages, when it’s about measuring Twitter metrics. Evaluating an average engagement rate, average re-tweet number and shares help smooth out the extending fluctuations in your performance. You need to keep a tap on your average performance, click on the Tweets page on your Twitter analytics dashboard.

  •         Target Audience:

Twitter metrics indicates the type of audience you’re captivating to your page and play an imperative role in successful future campaigns. Your audience breakthroughs engender you a generic overview of you must be targeting your messages toward. It ensures to produce right content for the right audience.

  •         Engagement:

A prompt glance at the engagement rate is enough to convey you whether your efforts are winning you or not. There are dozens of ways to engage your audience with your brand. For example, the channel will evaluate the engagement every time the user put your brand’s hashtag, click on a link, follows you, retweets, replies to your post and many more.

To check the count, Go to Twitter analytics > Tweets Dashboard > Engagement Rate

  •         Kind of Engagement:

A like on your post is appreciable, but a comment or retweets shows more commitment from your target audience. A retweet depicts that your customers value your input. You can advocate a drop-down of your engagement course while clicking on Twitter Analytics dashboard. View tweet activity on the Tweets tab for detailed activities.

  •         Content Marketing:

Marketing is all about conveying the right words, to the right audience and at the right time. While scrolling through your twitter follower stats and analytical information, you can conceive what exactly your post needs to be in the market’s good books. You can check the engagement rate for each post displayed as a percentage on Twitter Analytics page.   

  •         Follower Growth:

You can keep an eye on how quickly you’re spanning your follower base through Twitter analytics. It allows you to look at the performance on a daily or weekly basis.

  •         Impressions:

It demonstrates how many people see your account every day.  The low number of impressions could actually mean you are appealing to a very less audience.

  •         Hashtag:

Twitter’s most followed creation, the hashtag (#). Today, it has become the lifeline of social media campaigns. You need to create more effective and used hashtags to generate more traffic on your post.

     There is no one thing to make the perfect campaign when we talk about (particularly) social media marketing. Keeping a tap on your Twitter metrics will surely give you the essential resources to measure the overall success of your brand.


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