Understanding Digital Marketing – PPC Basics

Are you thinking of ways to increase your digital marketing reach? SEO is great and long-term it will give you major branding benefits. Social media is the darling of marketers all over the world and with the correct targets you can get good traffic. But there is still a missing piece of the puzzle.

PPC – Integral for Serious E-Commerce

Where can you meet the serious customers with an aggressive and engaging advertising strategy? PPC is as traditional as advertising can get on the web. The principles are the same but the clincher here is the targeting and cost options. Learn more below.

The basics of PPC begin with what it is. Simply explained, pay-per-click is when you pay a host website money each time a visitor clicks on your ad. In most cases, this host website is the Google search page. The world’s largest search engine dominates both PPC and organic SEO strategies. Yahoo and Bing search are also prominent platforms in the USA, commanding up to a third of all searches.

Basic PPC Strategy

What you pay for each click depends on the rate of the keyword that you bid for. The keyword is basically the exact or modified version of the words and phrases that people type in Google (or other search engines).

How do you connect the search term with your ads? Well, that is what a PPC campaign is for. Each keyword you bid for is associated with a certain ad copy that needs to be written following certain guidelines. This ad pops up when someone types the keyword and if they click the ad, you pay the search engine an X amount. Sounds simple? That is just the high-level explanation. And there is a lot more you can do. Here is more about PPC ads and how you can leverage them for your business.

Choosing Keywords?

Tools like Google’s AdWords are indispensable when it comes to PPC management. You can extract lists of all the keywords that are relevant to your industry. Then there are negative keywords. Keep an eye on those. A most famous example is that of a company that sells Caribbean cruises popping up on searches for Tom Cruise. That is a very basic illustration and negative keywords are usually much more complex.

Are you new to PPC?

If PPC to you is still unfamiliar terrain, it is advised that you start off slow. It can be easy to get carried away by all the data and possibilities. In the initial stages of your PPC campaign, there will be a bit of course correction as you figure out the right ad-keyword combinations, the demographics, and the timings.

PPC gives a lot of Data

Data is indeed beautiful especially when it comes to your PPC campaign. The insights that you get reflect the industry more accurately than other forms of digital marketing. You can apply this data to your other campaigns – be it physical brick-and-mortar promotions, content tweaks on your website or social media posts.

Digital marketing requires constant adaptation. Trends and parameters keep shifting and changing and it is important that you monitor constantly. With the right balance of budget and content, you can reap the exponential benefits that PPC traffic brings.

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